Miley Cyrus Tongue Diagnosis by an Irvine Acupuncturist

Miley Cyrus TongueIf you have surfed the internet lately or watched the VMAs this year, then you have definitely seen Miley Cyrus’s tongue. As an acupuncturist in Irvine, I look at the tongue on a daily basis as a diagnostic tool; the tongue is reflective of overall health. I kept seeing Miley’s tongue and decided this would be a great opportunity to show how the tongue changes.

On the outside, Miley looks beautiful and healthy, but looking at these two pictures of her tongue, you don’t need a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine to see that her health may be on a decline.

Now let’s take a closer look…

In the photo on the left Miley’s tongue is pink, there is the beginning of a thick coat in the back of the tongue, a crack down the center, and she has a slight red tip, and her gums look pink and healthy; overall this picture of her shows she may have some health concerns that need to be addressed, but overall the outlook is good.

The photo on the right shows a completely different story: her tongue and gums are pale, there is a wet, thick, and greasy coat, the tip is significantly red (the coat is peeled here), and her tongue is swollen and large.

According to the book, Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, by Giovanni Maciocia; Maciocia states:

“Clinical manifestations of…a pale wet tongue include lack of appetite, abdominal distension, lassitude, a bright, white complexion, loose stools, coldness in the limbs…a pale wet tongue accompanied by a sticky coating all over may indicate obstruction of the spirit by phlegm, which may manifest in severe anxiety or mild manic behavior.”

Maciocia goes on to say that, “a red tongue tip is usually associated with Heart fire; the darker the tip, the more severe the condition…this condition is usually associated with persisting emotional problems such as depression, repressed anger, or resentment.”

A person with this type of tongue is not just going to manifest physical symptoms, but emotional ones as well. In Miley’s case, I hope she heeds the warning her tongue is so desperately displaying.

Our tongue is a road map to overall health. I realized the validity of this in my own life when I was in graduate school and my professor pulled me aside and said that I had a very serious illness, long before Western Medicine could diagnose anything. Luckily for me, I was able to make changes and avoid a major illness.

Have you looked at your tongue lately? What is it trying to tell you? Schedule an appointment with your acupuncturist today and find out!

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  1. Robert Green says:

    Yes, I can see the difference. The one on the right does not look as healthy. Wondering if her partying has anything to do with this:-0

    • I work in a group home and unfortunately known many people who have used drugs in the past. A tongue with a coat like that can mean anything from side effect from medication, extreme dry mouth (from medication/drugs) and as stated above partying too much. It is something that should definitely be looked into and addressed!

  2. spleen

  3. Glad you used this very public example to teach the abilities of Chinese Medicine practitioners to size up the health status of someone at a glance! I’ve been practicing for 18 years, and had the same thought — insomnia, anxiety, psychological issues… all strong possibilities. I hope she finds some balance in her life… and a good TCM practitioner!

  4. uhmmm. It might be the light, but I see some blood stagnation on the left picture. and the right I feel is more thick yellow coating that white… More heat. But again it could be my monitor. Regardless her health is not that good.

  5. Emily Guevara L.Ac says:

    Well done!

  6. I noticed her tongue right away. . it is also deviated, showing internal liver wind. . pretty alarming tongue for such a young woman. .

    • the deviation is probably on purpose, not a sign of liver wind.
      the peel at the front of the tongue tells me there’s Heart Yin Deficiency, in addition to the Heart Fire, so a mixed excess (with the phlegm) and deficiency (with the yin burnt up).
      Sort of a tricky thing to come out of in the spotlight. Might really benefit from some rest and retreat along with some Wen Dan Tang.

  7. Dry mouth and coated tongue from prescription antidepressants or benzodiazepines, which would also explain the manic behavior– a listed side effect on both. It’s endemic in H’wood. Hallucinations, increased drinking and suicide attempts usually follow.

  8. Well, it might be candida or thrush and you have to consider oral STD’s with her.

  9. Phillip Williams says:

    Her pink and green tongue in the right picture is clearly the lighting. Look at her hair, her skin, it’s clearly being hit with greenish stage lights. Now look at the one of the left. The lighting is natural, but in shadow, so it’s from the blue sky/white clouds. This is why her face and tongue look pink, with blue and white highlights. Seriously, I can’t stand when people with no understanding of light and color try to chime in with pseudo-science and even worse, basing your “prognosis” on a picture or video.

    • Phillip,
      That’s just nasty. As someone who has taken thousands of tongue photos, and diagnosed at least 60,000 tongues, I know how to compensate for different lighting. The tongue tip is very red, and the coating is thick. All of us were having a bit of a lark, that’s all. .

    • Just Sayin' says:

      As someone who does know something about light… It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see she is being hit with a purple spot. Just for clarification… That’s red and blue combined. Not green. purple on the nose and cheeks is quite obvious… There is a clear point the author is trying to make about health. You are just playing a typical contrarian.

  10. Lori… Fantastic job!!! You Rock… even more then Miley!! :-))

  11. That was a great analysis! I am glad you shared this!

  12. Hi, first of all, I delivered a basic workshop in tongue diagnosis for the public at Culture Night Belfast recently.

    Following on the discussion, I agree that a photograph is insufficient evidence to make a diagnosis, but it does appear to raise genuine questions about the girl’s health. Chinese Medicine Diagnosis is made by integrating a myriad of symptoms. One symptom on its own is meaningless until considered against many other symptoms which together form a more significant “pattern of disharmony” which your Chinese Medicine Practitioner will then go on to treat with acupuncture and/or another modality. Tongue Diagnosis gives a cross reference against information given during the discussion. It is one more piece of the jigsaw puzzle and not an entire system of diagnostics in itself, but it can be useful. I know I monitor my own tongue daily and I have learned to see it as a barometer of my own health. If I am honest with myself it generally reflects what I already suspect.

    Hope that contributes something!

  13. Her tongue displays classic syptoms of foot in mouth syndrome.

  14. She’s suffering from some major oral thrush. My tongue used to look like that before I went off of sugar and gluten. Been on a candida elimination diet and it’s getting better.

  15. wow, there is definitely a major difference between the two tongue pictures. The later picture to me shows damp heat in the lower (kidneys, bladder), middle (stomach spleen) jaios (burners) and some heart fire. She definitely needs to see a TCM practitioner quick and get some herbs and acupuncture to help her out. I bet her pulse is slippery and rapid. Some of her symptoms may include anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, indigestion, bloating. The phlegm/dampness could also be misting her heart as the coating almost covers the lung and heart positions (manic behavior).

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    So that’s why this piece of writing is perfect.


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