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Welcome to a World of Healing: Discover Our Natural Health and Acupuncture Clinic in Palm Beach County, Florida

At our serene oasis, nestled in the heart of Palm Beach County, we blend ancient wisdom with modern understanding to guide you on a journey to wellness. Our clinic is not just about treating symptoms; it's about restoring your whole self to a state of harmony and vitality.

Services at Now Acupuncture


A Journey to Balanced Wellness
Dive into the healing world of acupuncture at Now Acupuncture, where every needle placement is a step toward equilibrium and vitality. Under Dr. Lori’s expert care, discover a spectrum of acupuncture techniques, from the instant relief offered by Distal Needling Acupuncture (DNA) to the deep, elemental healing of Five Element Acupuncture. Let us unveil your body’s natural prowess for self-healing, guiding you back to a state of vibrant health and balanced wellness.

Distal Needling Acupuncture (DNA)

Feel the magic of instant relief with DNA, an innovative approach that strategically places needles far from the pain site for immediate effect. DNA, a groundbreaking technique honed by my extensive training with Bob Doane, offering you a unique and powerful path to pain relief and healing. This method isn’t just about alleviating symptoms; it’s a journey to the heart of wellness, transforming discomfort into comfort and pain into peace, all while you rest comfortably, feeling changes before you even leave the treatment table.


Supercharging Your Healing

Discover the power of Electro-Acupuncture at Now Acupuncture, where traditional healing meets modern technology. This advanced treatment enhances the effectiveness of traditional acupuncture through the precise application of electrical stimulation, turbocharging the body’s healing response. Ideal for those seeking a potent boost in their recovery and wellness journey.

Dry Needling

Explore the Precision of Dry Needling in Jupiter
Unlock targeted relief with dry needling, a specialized technique used to alleviate muscular pain and enhance recovery. Perfect for athletes, professionals, and anyone suffering from muscular discomfort—unlock a pain-free lifestyle right here in Jupiter. Ready to dive deeper?

Balance Method Acupuncture

Instant Relief at Your Fingertips
In the dynamic world of healing, Balance Method Acupuncture stands out as a marvel of modern acupuncture, developed by the renowned Dr. Richard Tan. This isn’t just acupuncture; it’s a targeted, precise system designed to bring you relief and balance with every needle placement.

Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Acupuncture

Unlock Peak Performance and Accelerated Recovery
Elevate your athletic journey with Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Acupuncture—a fusion of ancient technique and modern precision. Under Dr. Lori’s expert care, discover a treatment pathway that not only targets and alleviates muscle tension but propels you toward unmatched healing and performance enhancement. With a foundation built on extensive training and a comprehensive understanding of dry-needling, this approach isn’t just therapy; it’s your secret weapon to transcending physical limits and achieving athletic excellence.

Five Element Acupuncture

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Five Element Acupuncture
Dive deep into the elemental core of your existence with Five Element Acupuncture, a timeless practice that restores your natural harmony by addressing the unique imbalances within your constitutional element. Under Dr. Lori’s guidance, trained by luminaries Neil Gumenick and Brian Bender, you’re invited to explore a path to profound healing and wellness, deeply rooted in the wisdom of the ancients. Discover how the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water not only shape the world around us but also define the essence of our well-being.

Medical Pulse Diagnosis (MPD)

Unlock Your Health’s Hidden Stories with Medical Pulse Diagnosis (MPD)
Dive into the depths of your well-being with Medical Pulse Diagnosis (MPD), a technique that transcends ordinary diagnosis to reveal the nuanced stories your body yearns to tell. Guided by Dr. Lori’s adept hands, trained under the tutelage of luminaries like Bob Doane and Jimmy Chang, MPD becomes more than a method—it’s a journey into the very core of your health. Let us interpret the subtle rhythms of your pulse, unlocking insights into your body’s intricate narrative, and setting the stage for a healing that’s as profound as it is personalized.

Herbal Medicine

Unlock Nature’s Healing Secrets with Custom Herbal Medicine
Dive into the transformative power of herbal medicine at Now Acupuncture, where ancient wisdom meets personal healing. Dr. Lori guides you through a curated selection of nature’s most potent herbs, each rigorously tested and tailored to your unique health journey. Discover how our customized herbal formulas can unlock your path to profound wellness, offering more than just symptom relief—they’re a gateway to a life of balance and vitality.

Diet, Nutrition, & Supplements

Elevate Your Health with Tailored Nutrition and Supplements
Unlock the secrets to vibrant health with a personalized approach to diet, nutrition, and supplements at Now Acupuncture. Dr. Lori, drawing from the profound insights of the Medical Medium protocols, crafts a nutrition plan that’s as unique as you are. Discover the transformative power of healing foods and precision-targeted supplements designed to harmonize with your body’s natural rhythms, guiding you to optimal health and vitality.