Transform Your Health Journey: Real Stories from Now Acupuncture

Discover the Power of Healing Through Our Patients’ Eyes

At Now Acupuncture, every treatment is a story of transformation, hope, and renewed vitality. Our patients’ journeys from pain and discomfort to wellness and balance are not just testimonials; they are testaments to the potential that lies within each of us for profound healing. Here are some of their stories.

Your Story Begins Here

Your journey to wellness is unique, and at Now Acupuncture, we’re ready to write that next chapter with you. Whether you’re facing chronic pain, seeking relief from stress, or looking to enhance your overall well-being, Dr. Lori and her team are here to guide you back to the vibrant self you deserve to be.

Join us at Now Acupuncture, where your healing story awaits.

Emma's Dance of Joy: Conquering Arthritis

Emma’s story is a testament to regaining a cherished lifestyle, proving acupuncture’s effectiveness over conventional therapies.

Michelle's Road to Recovery: Reclaiming Strength and Freedom

Michelle’s transition from feeling helpless to celebrating physical freedom showcases acupuncture’s capacity to deeply heal and strengthen.

Collette's Pain Alleviation: Finding the Real Deal

Collette’s concise endorsement highlights the genuine relief and effectiveness found in Dr. Lori’s treatments.

Claire's Energized Life: A New Chapter Free of Pain

Claire’s rejuvenation is a powerful narrative of overcoming chronic pain to embrace an energized existence.

Elizabeth's Immediate Relief: A Testament to Healing

Elizabeth’s experiences with Dr. Lori underscore the immediate and effective relief she found, solidifying Dr. Lori’s status as a top healer.

Brian's Holistic Healing: Beyond the Pain

Brian appreciates Dr. Lori’s holistic perspective and the comprehensive healing he experienced, setting her apart from others in the field.

Emily's Life-Altering Healing: Walking on the Beach Again

Emily shares a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Lori for restoring her ability to walk without pain, highlighting a significant improvement in her quality of life.

Lorena's Oasis of Healing: Comfort and Care

Lorena emphasizes Dr. Lori’s ability to create a calming environment and provide effective treatment, offering more than just physical healing.

Tina's Unblock and Flow: Releasing Energy for a Better Life

Tina’s narrative highlights the transformative power of acupuncture, significantly improving her overall well-being.

Linda's Surprising Recovery: From Neuropathy to Heart Health

Linda’s experience illustrates the unexpected and comprehensive benefits of acupuncture, dramatically improving her quality of life beyond the initial concerns.

Rob's Golfing Triumph: Pain-Free Play

Rob celebrates the effectiveness of Dr. Lori’s treatments in restoring his ability to enjoy golf without pain, underscoring her role in his return to the sport he loves.

Ruth's Transformation: From Despair to Joy

Ruth’s journey from feeling scared, lonely, and depressed to a state of contentment and happiness underlines the profound impact Dr. Lori’s treatments have on mental and physical well-being, showcasing a shift from despair to holistic joy and pain-free living.

Lisa's Stress Alleviation: A Burden Lifted

Lisa’s experience dealing with extreme stress due to her mother’s health illustrates how Dr. Lori’s acupuncture treatments provided significant stress relief, feeling as if “a great burden” was lifted from her heart, highlighting the emotional healing acupuncture offers.

Suzaune's Renewed Vitality: A Complete Turnaround

Suzaune’s transformation from battling daily migraines, neck pain, and sleepless nights to a revitalized state of reduced anxiety, enhanced sleep, and increased energy beautifully illustrates the comprehensive wellness achieved through Dr. Lori’s dedicated care.

Melissa's Migraine Relief: A New Beginning

Melissa’s journey from debilitating migraines affecting her work and well-being to significant reduction and eventual cessation of migraines underlines the effective and lasting relief Dr. Lori’s acupuncture offers, marking a new beginning in health.

Dawn's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Improvement: Back to Work Full-Time

Dawn’s experience moving from medical restrictions at work due to carpal tunnel syndrome to a full recovery and return to work highlights the smooth and natural results of Dr. Lori’s acupuncture treatments, emphasizing their role in overcoming chronic conditions and restoring daily function.

Mark's Workout Recovery: Pain-Free and Strong

Mark’s recovery from exercise-induced elbow pain that hindered his workouts to complete pain relief and return to regular activity showcases the quick and effective healing nature of acupuncture with Dr. Lori, encouraging a pain-free and strong lifestyle.

Hannah's Quick Recovery: Enjoying Life Again

Hannah’s rapid recovery from a severe shoulder injury to enjoying life and activities again emphasizes Dr. Lori’s passionate and expert care, underlining the power of acupuncture in facilitating quick and complete recoveries.

Ted's Chronic Back Pain Relief: A Life Transformed

Ted’s transformation from suffering through years of chronic back pain due to automobile accidents to a pain-free state thanks to Dr. Lori’s painless acupuncture treatments illustrates the remarkable healing possible, offering a renewed enjoyment of life.

Erin's Athletic Comeback: Regaining Freedom

Erin’s story of overcoming a debilitating calf injury to regain her ability to run highlights the transformative power of acupuncture, restoring her athletic freedom and ending months of frustration.

Dave's Swift Recovery from Bell’s Palsy: A Dual Approach

Dave’s rapid recovery from Bell’s Palsy, combining western and eastern medicine, showcases the effectiveness of acupuncture in significantly speeding up recovery times and encouraging a proactive approach to health.

Joan's Adventurous Leap: Overcoming Knee Pain

Joan’s journey from cancellation of beloved hikes to traversing the Grand Canyon is a narrative of resilience and the restorative power of acupuncture.

Jenni's Transformation: From Chronic Pain to Vibrant Health

Jenni’s five-year battle with undiagnosed digestive issues resolved, leading to a newfound vitality and freedom from unnecessary medications.

Shannon's Path to Relief: Finding Hope Again

Shannon’s narrative from enduring continuous pain to finding relief articulates the effectiveness and swift results of Dr. Lori’s acupuncture treatment, restoring her hope and providing a more positive outlook on life, proving the transformative power of integrative healing.

Sophie's Endorsement: A Recommendation to Try

Sophie’s concise recommendation underscores the trust and confidence in Dr. Lori’s skills, inviting others to experience the benefits of acupuncture firsthand.

Rose's Anxiety and Stress Relief: Feeling Wonderful

Rose’s significant reduction in anxiety and stress after visiting Dr. Lori highlights acupuncture’s holistic healing effects, improving overall emotional well-being and comfort.

Ben's Tech Neck Transformation: Almost Gone

Ben’s quick relief from tech neck pain underlines the immediate and profound benefits of acupuncture, offering a renewed sense of well-being and anticipation for continued improvement.

Paul's Return to Golf: Pain-Free Play

Paul’s ability to return to playing golf pain-free showcases the efficacy of acupuncture in treating sports-related injuries and enhancing lifestyle enjoyment.

Jane's Arthritis and Sleep Improvement: A Grateful Patient

Jane’s significant relief from arthritis pain and improved sleep quality demonstrate acupuncture’s comprehensive healing capabilities, deeply impacting her daily life and well-being.

Grace's Partner's Pain Management: Travel Enabled

Grace’s account of her partner’s severe shoulder pain management, enabling them to travel, reflects acupuncture’s remarkable effectiveness in reducing pain and enhancing life’s pleasures.

Lauren's Overall Well-being Enhancement: Professional and Caring

Lauren’s testimony to the significant improvements in her health attributes to Dr. Lori’s professionalism and genuine care, marking a comprehensive approach to well-being through acupuncture.

James's Gratitude: Shoulder Relief Beyond Words

James expresses profound gratitude towards Dr. Lori for the significant relief he experienced in his shoulder, underscoring the life-changing impact of her treatment.

Sarah's Quick Fix: Lower Back Pain Relief in One Visit

Sarah’s testimonial shines a light on the immediate effectiveness of Dr. Lori’s acupuncture, offering swift and significant relief from lower back pain.

Ava's Energetic Reawakening: Immediate Relief and Anticipation

Ava shares her journey of immediate relief and renewed energy, looking forward to continued improvement and highlighting the transformative experience with Dr. Lori.

Clara's Relief Experience: Lower Back Pain Alleviation

Clara’s enthusiasm captures the joy and relief from significant lower back pain alleviation, emphasizing the positive experience and immediate impact of the treatment.

Rachel's Overall Well-being: Professional and Caring Approach

Rachel’s testimonial praises Dr. Lori’s professionalism and genuine care, emphasizing the significant improvements in her overall wellbeing as a result of the expert care received.

Bridget's Health and Well-being Enhancement: A Heartfelt Thanks

Bridget’s heartfelt thanks encapsulate the comprehensive improvements she’s experienced in both health and well-being, attributing this positive transformation to Dr. Lori’s expert care.

Alina's Daily Improvement: A Testament to Healing

Alina’s experience of daily improvement serves as a testament to the consistent and positive effects of acupuncture, celebrating the ongoing journey to better health.

Dorothy's Road to Recovery: Reclaiming Mobility

Dorothy’s recovery from a stroke and subsequent physical decline to significant improvements in mobility and strength showcases Dr. Lori’s holistic treatment approach, emphasizing the life-changing benefits of acupuncture in restoring physical function and hope.

Olivia's Golfing Success: Pain Reduction

Olivia’s gratitude towards Dr. Lori for reducing her golf-related pain illustrates the positive impact of acupuncture on sports performance and quality of life, making her an enthusiastic advocate.

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